OBLIVION (Theatrical Trailer)

Dean’s “Belligerent Beast” composition (from Q-Factory Music’s Agitated Action release) was featured in this theatrical trailer.


FIFA 14 (Video Game Trailer)

Dean worked with Robert Etoll to music edit, arrange and special score this Electronic Arts’ FIFA 14 video game trailer.  Veigar Margiersson’s powerful and anthemic “Legends Untold” cue (from Q-Factory Music’s Trailer Outros release) was used as a basis for the score.


INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US (Video Game Cinematics Score)

Dean scored a large portion of the cinematics for Warner Bros. Games’ Injustice: Gods Among Us interactive game.  The top-selling 2013 game features the legendary DC Comics characters (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.).

MORTAL KOMBAT 9 (Video Game Cinematics Score)

Dean provided the cinematics score for the top-selling 2011 Warner Bros. Games’ Mortal Kombat: 9 interactive game.  The game was recently nominated for a 2011 WGA Award.


FERRARI WORLD (Theme Park Ride Film)

Dean scored this “ride film” for Ferrari World, a 3 million square foot indoor theme park that is part of the $40 billion Island of Yaz resort development in Abu Dhabi.  Dean recorded the orchestral elements in Bratislava, Slovakia.